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Fever Tree Ginger Beer pack of 4 bottles

4 bottles 200 ml
6,90   VAT inc.    (8,63 €/L)
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Fever Tree Ginger Beer pack of 4 bottles
0,2 L
Quinine, Spring water, Ginger
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Two tireless travelers, two untiring discoverers directly from the most remote and dangerous areas of the world realize one day that, to create the best cocktails and long drinks, even the best barmen in the world often resorted to drinks made with a high concentration of sugars, chemical additives and preservatives. It was the year 2000 when they decided to make a change, creating drinks with an authentic taste and rigorously natural ingredients.

Thus, at the end of 2005, Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow founded the Fever-Tree company, which in the name represents a tribute to the colloquial name with which the Chincona tree is described, the plant from which the main ingredient is obtained tonic water. Fever-tree uses only natural ingredients, found in the most remote corners of the world, from South-West India to the Ivory Coast, directly from the two producers, who periodically travel in search of new ingredients for new blends.

Ginger Beer Fever Tree is a blend of three different 100% natural ginger: green ginger from the Ivory Coast, gives a pleasant acidic freshness; Nigeria ginger, of great citrus intensity; Cochin ginger, perfectly in tune with the other two, releases an aroma reminiscent of chocolate. Ginger Beer is distinguished by a dominant attack of ginger and citrus, and is a balanced soft drink with a cloudy color for the natural sediments of ginger, which is persistent in both taste and aroma, giving freshness, intensity and a pleasant sensation to the palate, without being cloying.

The aromaticity of the ginger and the fine bubbles perfectly match the premium spirits. Excellent to serve smooth, it is the ideal mixer for a Dark & Stormy, in combination with dark rum or with vodka to make the Moscow Mule.

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