Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 16 Years Lagavulin

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Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 16 Years Lagavulin
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Smoke, Peat, Dried fruit, Vanilla
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The image of the island of Islay in a glass, the purest symbol of Scotland in a single malt whiskey that presents itself: Gaelic La-ga-vù-lin, Lagavulin for the world, is the quintessence of a time travel, which lasts 16 years and takes place in oak barrels, to offer the palate the best possible experience.

The coast south of Islay is the place where this distillery stands: legend has it that the area adjacent to Dunyvaig castle, since 1742, had already hosted clandestine brandy producers who started to found the first legal distilleries. Two of these, Kildaton and Ardmore will then be taken over by Alexander Graham, who will reunite them under the name of Lagavulin.

Lagavulin 16 YO is a from the south of Islay, produced in the official Lagavulin distillery, in Port Ellend, Scotland, active since 1816. The secret of this whiskey lies in the territory, in the wild and impervious sea from which the island, which gives the distillate that particular herbaceous and balsamic flavor, typical of the sea breeze.

Subject to one of the longest aging of all Classic Malts, Lagavulin shows a golden color and amber reflections, while expressing intense notes of smoke and peat on the nose. Balance and roundness are the dominant notes, while on the palate it has a slightly smoky taste of dried fruit and peat which develop in a rich and decisive finish, with a slight hint of vanilla, the sweetest notes. It is a warm, full-bodied, passionate whiskey.

Recommended in moments of relaxation and meditation, this distillate represents Islay's whiskey par excellence.

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